“I’ve seen boring, and you’re not boring at all.”

Possibly one of the nicest compliments I have received so far.  I had been invited to pose for a new figure drawing group a little over a week ago which happens to be located incredibly close to where I live.  I arrived a little early to set up and attracted some attention it seemed by the car I was driving that day, my ’75 Volkswagen Beetle.  I talked with one of the group coordinators and then set myself up, which was pretty quick as the pose space was ready to go with a large pillow, a stool and a box footstool for props if I wanted to use them.

The group started with 1 minute gestures, then some 3 minutes and then 3 ten minutes then a break.  I was wondering if I was going to run out of ideas for poses as the 1 minute gestures went on for a longer time than I am used to.  I have to admit, I find the 1 minute gestures daunting at the same time as I find them fun.  Daunting as I am forced to keep thinking of INTERESTING poses in a rapid fire way, while they are fun for the most part, to hold as they are dynamic and hopefully, interesting to draw.  I enjoy it in an odd way as it makes me grow as a model and I do get to try fun poses that would be impossible to hold for 5+ minutes.

After the session ended, as people were packing up, I had a number of the group come over to me, thanking me and also commenting on my poses etc.  I said to one artist that I was always worried about  being boring so do what I can to make sure I have foreshadowing, negative space and more.  His reply was, “You have absolutely nothing to worry about.  I’ve seen boring, and you’re not boring at all.”  That felt great.  I love meeting new groups to pose for but I love being invited back even more so I am hoping that I get that chance.

Happily I also seem to becoming the “go to model” at one venue I have been posing for.  I was a fill in for their last session of classes and then when the new batch started, I was contacted to fill some dates again.  I was/am thrilled.  On top of this, last week they contacted me saying that they had the next week’s model cancel and asked if I could fill the spot.  Done!  I suppose it helps that I can take 1/2 vacation days during the week so am available in the afternoons or mornings with notice.  I am hopefully going to be on the roster for the fall classes and also be asked for a portrait class as well.

I have also been looking at body painting artists and have been trying to get involved with artists who want to practice or have a show.  I think this would be wonderful.  I have always wanted to take part in the Solstice Cyclists in Seattle…maybe one day soon I will get the chance.