I just thought of a funny thing

For years, I have experienced a dream where I am naked for some reason, in a public setting.  I may be in college attending a class, etc. and I am either completely nude or nude from the waist down.  At the start of the dream, it’s not bothering me at all, or very much.  By the end of the dream, I am completely embarrassed and trying to either hide or cover myself or break away from what I am doing in the dream to find clothes.  No one is ridiculing me in any way or even seems to notice my nudity.

  I had always wondered why I had these dreams, I know that many of us have them at some point.  They weren’t happening on a regular basis, but they did happen.  I just had the realization the other week that shortly after I started figure modeling, this particular dream has disappeared almost overnight.  it’s been well over 8 months since I can remember having this type of dream…and I guess I could link it back to my increased comfort of what I do, and with who I am.  I have talked previously about the sense of freedom most people get from nude modeling, and how it can translate into other areas of your life.  For me, I am a calmer person, especially after a drawing session, and I have more of an attitude of “This is me.  I am happier with myself than ever before, take it or leave it.”  Much less fretting about what others think, or even wondering what they think.

I know not everyone gets to experience the feeling of freedom that nude modeling has given me.  I read a post by an artist who tried modeling recently, and she did not experience the rush at all, and did not enjoy the experience, which is too bad.  I am one of the lucky ones who truly enjoys doing this, and does not see an end to my modeling career any time soon.


Another try

Every so often I go on the hunt for new work depending on my schedule.  Sometimes work comes to me, most often I go to it by contacting groups.  This Spring and Summer haven’t been too bad for work.  I would be happy with a little more but considering that classes and some groups shut down for the summer months, I still have dates booked that will keep me somewhat busy.

When looking for more opportunities, I always check the local universities, colleges and art institutes.  I noticed about a year ago the local art institute had a posting up for casual position art models.  I applied, and at the time had no fresh experience, only my experience from 14 years previously.  They were looking mostly for day time availability, which is not generally possible for me, and some evening and weekend work.  I applied and heard nothing.  Again this year, they are looking for models, same specifications so I applied again.  This time, I highlighted my fresh experience with the groups, classes (emphasized that I worked have been working with instructed classes) and private artists, and mentioned my founding of the local figure model guild.  The competition closes at the end of August but as there is more than one spot open, I am hoping that I have a better chance at being granted an interview, and hopefully be added to their active list of available models.  I had mentioned to a few artists and group coordinators that I had applied previously and did not hear back.  They were surprised as this organization is in chronic need of models, and almost every group I work with tells me about how hard it is to find models, both male and female, at the best of times.

Wish me luck!

Being able to give back through modeling.

Out of the recent catastrophe that Ma Nature visited upon the city I call home, I was able to give something back through my figure modeling.  I sat watching the events unfold, hoping that those I knew and associated with would either be spared or at the least, be safe and hopefully not lose too much.  Unfortunately, an artist who I had worked for previously had major damage to his home, and his studio.  The house was rendered uninhabitable until it was cleaned up and repairs made, and his studio sustained major damage including the loss of his supplies and many pieces of work he created.  I can’t begin to imagine the loss, it would be crushing.

Before this event, the artist in question was holding another drawing event.  Of course, he had to cancel it.  Luckily, other artists wanted to keep it going and turned it into a fund raising event.  I saw this was in the works and contacted the new coordinator with an offer to donate my services for free, the fee going to the artist in question instead.  She managed to get a respectable number of other artists to attend the event, on a different day, and also find enough models who would donate their time and fees as well.  I hate to toot my own horn but in addition to offering my services, I helped another fantastic new model get her first nude gig at the event and was present to help with a pose and the set up.  She had joined the model guild that I set up and also I helped get her a paying gig.

I loved being able to help an artist in need and loved being able to help get another model get work/experience, especially as she had never modeled nude before.  It was a wonderful feeling to be able to ease a new model into nude work and find them work, unlike what I went through.  The guild is growing and helping a new model gave me a glimpse of what I want the guild to turn into.  Easing new models into gigs, helping with poses and giving tips and more about what is a good pose and which ones will turn body parts numb.  Personally, it was very fulfilling and gratifying to be able to hep others.