Prepping for the new season

Well, being proactive for once in my life, I decided the other day to start e-mailing and calling artists and groups I have modeled for, and many that I have not, about my availability for the Fall and Winter.  I was keeping a mental note to do this and I am luck that I didn’t forget before it was too late.

Something to remember for next year is that it seems that most drawing courses, around here at least, seem to get started again in late September or early October.  At least I am fresh in their minds when they begin to schedule.

Other than that, summer has been rather quiet.  I’ve modeled a few times for a fundraiser, a drawing group and also had a new experience modeling for an artists who wants to tackle an online gaming character in his art.  Very interesting.  All photography in mock up armour and a cape, not nude though.  I hope to see the finished product.


2 thoughts on “Prepping for the new season

    • No problem! I hope to have the problem of getting a proper scheduling planner instead of using the calendar on the fridge. I applied again to the local art college about modeling and have been hired as well. They want daytime but with some notice, I can be available days…and of course the usual evenings and weekends. I’m crossing my fingers that this will be a busy season for me. I use my earnings to pay my tuition towards upgrading my education. So far, it’s covered my expenses and then some and that’s working a few times a month.

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