It’s been a year

And what a year it has been!  I wandered through some of my first posts about my return to modeling, just to see what has changed, and what had not.  Thankfully, the things I wanted to change the most, have, while the important things I wanted to preserve, have been.  

It has been a pretty busy October for me, booking-wise.  I am getting to the place I wanted to be, busy each week with at least one gig, and happily, I am being booked for multiple gigs by the same groups or classes.  I have recently been hired by the local college of art and design for their figure drawing classes, which provides some more steady bookings. 

Finding bookings was a major stressor for me starting off.  Not for the money, but just to have the opportunities to model and improve my skills.  Even now, what I have learned is that 90% + of my bookings come from me approaching groups and instructed art classes either at the start of the season for instructed classes, or by e-mailing the co-ordinators of the various drawing groups on a regular basis to ask about any empty modeling gigs they have open.  I have set up a web site and Facebook page to advertise myself and the modeling I do, and that has resulted in some new people contacting me. 

Luckily, what I have wanted to preserve from figure modeling, has been.  I still get the “tingle” when I’m about to start a session, I am just as excited to model now as a year ago.  You would think that after seeing a group multiple times that the shine would wear off, but not for me.  I love returning to groups as much as meeting new ones.  There is something comforting about being around artists that you have come to know and vice versa.  It pushes me to be a better model, and make sure I have fresh new poses, and not keep recycling the same old ones.  I do have a selection of my favourite poses that I like to use almost each gig I am at, but for the artists that have already drawn them, I make sure to put a twist on them for something slightly new.

Another thing that hasn’t changed, or at least has only improved, is professionalism.  I have not been late to a gig (except my first gig a year ago), nor have I had to cancel on a group at any point.  I hope I have not just jinxed my self…

I feel like I have come full circle in one year.  Just the other week I modeled again for the second venue that hired me about a year ago.  It was great to return.  I hope the next year brings as much fun and enjoyment as this last year.



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