Call backs

They are always gratifying.  They let me know that I have done a good, or even excellent job and wowed the group my first visit, and they liked me enough to be asked to return.  That is very flattering.  I view the first time I model with a new group as a job interview.  Depending on the group, you are there to fill in, or you are auditioning for a semi-regular spot as one of their regular models.  I’d have to say so far, I am at about a 75%-ish return average of all the places I have modeled.  The other 25% still get e-mails from me with reminders of my availability if they need my services.  These remind e-mails have turned into a few repeat gigs, which is great. 


Doing the best job you can will get you asked back.  I have found that I am now in the regular rotation with many of the groups I model for.  A year ago, I never thought that I was going to get to this place.