The tip jar

As figure models know, when you are modeling, you have a little extra time to mull over thoughts, create ideas, and just generally solve the world’s problems.  As I was modeling last night, I found my mind wandering to a topic that I don’t see much written about or talked about:  The Tip Jar.

More specifically, who has one/uses one, is it acceptable to put one out and other thoughts.  While noodling around on the interwebz I have found bits and pieces around discussing the tip jar.  A while ago Paris models went on strike when local figure drawing schools/organizations/groups started to ban models putting them out.  In France it seems that they are pretty standard to have and use.  It is an important way to subsidize model’s income and they protested that if their pay wasn’t going to increase to match the lost revenue from their jars, that they should still be able to use them.

One article written by a North american model does make mention about the tip jar and how much that artists should drop in it depending if the group is a drop in, or if the are going to see the same model over a number of weeks.  Again, it is to help subsidize wages. This discussion site talks about the tip jar concept in general.

My personal feeling is that it is presumptuous to put out a tip jar.  I agree to appear with a group for an agreed upon amount of money.  To show up and subtly pressure and expect artists to pay more than what the drop in rate is, is a bit forward for my taste.  The same thing goes if you are modeling for a paid class.  The artists already shelled out a few hundred dollars or more to take part in this instructive class, but then to have the model pan handle in front of them for more is uncomfortable, not to speak about what the class coordinator or instructor would do or think.

I would love to hear from other models and any artists with their thoughts on this topic.