Spring has sprung and busy as ever

I always feel that I am neglecting this blog.  While I am generally busy modeling (at least busy for me), I do try to think of things to blog about that won’t bore people, and as you can tell, I think of very little.

Most of my work recently has been call backs from my regular groups that I LOVE working with.  They are a great bunch of artists, so talented and friendly.  One such group invited me to a gallery show of theirs a few months ago.  My supportive wife and young son came with me and we had a great time, until it was the little one’s bed time. It was amazing to see a few of “me” up on the wall for all to see.  Wonderful stuff.  I also purchased one work of art from one of the artists.

Mixed in with my call back work has been some new opportunities.  I was contacted by a new class running for a few months this spring, and also…I can’t wait…a women’s group out of town later in the month.  It’s a wonderful collective that gets together to teach each other about new and interesting topics from figure drawing, to art, to mountain biking, to rock climbing and more.  That should be fun.