It happens every time.

I have this happen to me each time I model.  Usually the session starts with a number of 30 second, 1 minute and 2 minute gesture poses, then stretches to 5 and 10 minute poses and then onto 30 or 45 minute poses.  For me, as soon as the buzz and adrenaline of the gestures has worn off, I find that I am almost dosing off during my first longer pose, generally a 10-20 minute one.  After a break, or a break from the first long pose, I almost snap awake and am sharp again for the rest of the session.  Thankfully I have not fallen asleep during any sessions, but I have heard stories of this happening.  One group I model for even says “It’s OK if you fall asleep!”  Great people.

Anyone else struggle to stay awake sometimes?